Cute in size and appearance, unique specialty sweets by a wheat gluten bakery ”OTYOBO by ENGAWAcafe”

Food/Drink Karasuma・Omiya

A cafe looking like a hiding place

How about walking around with a mood of exploration during a pause from the standard Kyoto sightseeing?
There are alleys with a nice atmosphere all around Kyoto but please also peek into the alley midway between Kyoto City Hall and Jingu Marutamachi.
You can encounter a cute cafe where you can enjoy Namafu (wheat gluten) steamed buns or a baked wheat gluten Tiramisu using Japanese sake from Kyoto.

Namafu steamed buns with an addictive food texture

The handmade Ochobo specialty Namafu steamed buns always have a pleasant chewy texture.
The homemade wheat gluten is made with plenty of Japanese ingredients like matcha green tea, roasted green tea, dried seaweed, Yuzu fruit and white miso paste and the combinations of these tastes are all excellent.
They do not only match well with tea and matcha tea but also with coffee and exceed the level of traditional Japanese confectionery.

Traditional Japanese confectionery​ looking like Western confectionery​?

Soaked in Japanese sake from Kyoto and with baked wheat gluten the Tiramisu that melts on your tongue has an adult taste, accentuated with sake lees and fragrant nuts.
The brilliant green Matcha Tiramisu is also popular.
The cafe also offers Tiramisu without alcohol and the cute containers for take-away can be used as a sake cup.

One little break, tea time

On the first floor there is a counter and on the second floor you can find sofas in a relaxed atmosphere.
You can feel at home in the stylish retro store in a remodelled townhouse said to be 100 years old.
The sweets are full of time, love and imaginativeness and there is seasonal menu for the cafe. Please visit whenever you can.

Namafu sweets and take-away

How about choosing the Namafu steamed buns or the baked wheat gluten Tiramisu as a souvenir or present?
Putting it in a box (additional cost) will surely be a pleasant small present.
There are also crispy rusk or chocolate bars made of baked wheat gluten which is recommended to enjoy as a snack.

Name of the facility OTYOBO by ENGAWAcafe
Address 155-4 Shinkarasuma-dori, Nijo-agaru Tachibana Yanagicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-0914
Tell 075-746-2488
Nearest station 5 minutes walk from Kyoto Subway Tozai Line ”Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station”
Business hours 11:00~18:00(Last order for eating inside 17:00)
Regular holiday Thursdays・irregular holidays