Illumination Museum decorating the nights of Osaka ”Festival of the lights in OSAKA 2018”

Visit Northern Osaka(Osaka Station・Umeda) area

Festival of the lights in OSAKA 2018

For the 6th time the ”Festival of the lights in OSAKA 2018” adds flair to the charm of Osaka with a spirit of hospitality through illuminations as ”Illumination Museum ”. This time it will introduce two core programs taking place at the important traffic route of Osaka ”Midosuji” and the symbol of the Aqua Metropolis Osaka ”Nakanoshima”.

1. Midosuji Illuminations 2018

Osaka’s symbolic street Midosuji.
The 4 km long illuminated road of global scale sparkling between Umeda and Namba celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2018. Please visit and experience the Midosuji Illuminations 2018 which have been recognized by Guiness World Records in January 2015.

2. OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance 2018

OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance 2018 will take place the 16th time this year. In collaboration with the Osaka City Central Public Hall celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018 it aims to host a light show making use of the waterfront scenery of the Aqua Metropolis Osaka's symbol Nakanoshima with a focus on light art.
Moreover, it engages in a cultural exchange light exhibition and the cooperation with private businesses for vitalization as well as the collaboration with programs in other areas of the city.

Wall Tapestry・Osaka City Central Public Hall 100 year anniversary celebration performance 〜brightness of 100 years〜

As the symbol of Osaka and Nakanoshima and a place of culture, art and science the Osaka City Central Public Hall has a history of 100 years and celebrates its anniversary in collaboration with OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance 2018 and its popular show ”Wall Tapestry” .

December 14, 2018 (Fri)~ December 25 (Tue) (12 days )
17:00~21:00 (one performance, time undecided) (viewing is free), (no postponement for rain)
Osaka City Central Public Hall East Side Front

Light exchange program =Tainan / Temple Yard (Byotei) lights=

An art program which was well received last year focusing on the ”cultural exchange of lights”.
It will celebrate the Taiwanese Lantern Festival with about 1000 special lanterns colouring the night sky of Osaka and connect with Tainan through illumination.
※Byotei --- Taiwanese word for temple yard
※Lantern festival --- a Taiwanese custom celebrating the full moon of the first month of the year (January 15 of the old calendar)

December 14, 2018 (Fri)~ December 25 (Tue) (12 days )
Nakanoshima Park Rose Garden (West Side)