Sanzen-in, A beautiful moss garden temple

Visit Kibune・Ohara

Garden which blends with the forest

It's rather difficult to not relax in front of such a fine garden. Just enjoy the beautiful view of nature in front of you. It's nice to sometimes see beautiful things and simply respect its beauty.

The calm and beautiful moss garden

When you live your life every day, it's hard to respect every moment of time. The time of the past, however, remains within our memory. By looking at this garden, we can learn that there are meanings to everything, regardless of things that change or not.

Heart-warming stone Buddha

Future is not from tomorrow, but is at the end of the steps you take "now." Don't worry if it's not occurring now. I felt like the stone Buddha was comforting me with such message. 【By Takashi Sugimura】

Escape from every day life

Searching for stone Buddha like an excited child. After a while, you'll find yourself smiling just like the stone Buddhas. You'll be able to feel a warm and comforting feeling from the tine statues.

Comforting sound of the stream

Everything from the sound of the water to the smell of the air is slow and quiet in Sanzen-in. The comforting time will refresh your mind.

Address 〒601-1242 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Sakyo Ward, Ohararaikoincho, 540
Tell 075-744-2531
Nearest station Kyoto station (JR lines)Kokusaikaikan station (Subway line)Demachiyanagi station (Keihan line)Shijokawaramachi station (Hankyu line)
Nearest bus stop 10 minutes walk from Ohara stop (Kyoto City Bus)
Business hours March-12/7 8:30-17:0012/8-February 9:00-16:30
Regular holiday None
Admission fee Adult: 700 yen; Middle & High school students: 400 yen; Child: 150 yen