The feeling of touring sake breweries while being in one place! ”Kyoto Sakagurakan” gathering the sake of Kyoto

Food/Drink Karasuma・Omiya

You can enjoy Japanese Sake in a relaxed atmosphere.

With Japanese cuisine becoming popular, Japanese sake also has received a lot of attention in recent years.
Especially the southern part of Kyoto and Fumishi Ward are popular for sake but in the north-central part of Kyoto there are also many sake breweries and Kyoto Sakagurakan pursues their distinct original taste every day.
How about enjoying the tastefulness and depth of Japanese sake more easily and casually?

A line-up of sake in Kyoto

At the entrance there a casks lined up on the side orderly in a row.
This is a specialty store where you can enjoy famous brands of sake from all regions of Kyoto Prefecture, and experience the feeling of touring breweries while being in the store.
It will probably become a new encounter with ”delicious Kyoto” that you have not known before.

Japanese sake

There is a 15 meter long counter and you can spontaneously enter and enjoy at your own pace without hesitation.
In the store which is more spacious than you can imagine from the outside there are also table seats where you can make yourself comfortable in groups and share a delicious time with your friends and family.
Let's fully enjoy the richness and individuality of various breweries in Kyoto.

Tasting Plan

There is a good value tasting set divided into north-central part and southern part of Kyoto Prefecture each with sake from 15 breweries . Comparing colour and aroma you can enjoy finding your own favourite taste.
You can slowly enjoy 1 set with 15 sorts of sake of overall 360 milliliters.
For persons who only want to enjoy a little sake there is a set with 3 brands of your choice.

Enjoying Japanese cuisine and sake at once

The special menu ”Benkei” with burdock root tempura looking like long swords and a selection of Kyoto-style cusine is recommended for eating with sake.
Besides there are rich specialty menus using the vegetables and fish of the season which match well with sake.
A Kyoto tour with sake will surely become an unconventional pleasure.

Name of the facility Kyoto Sakagurakan
Address 〒600-8423 Tora Building 1F, 236 Kugikakushi-cho, Bukkoji Dori, Muromachi Higashi-iru, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Tell 075-354-5353
Nearest station 5 minutes walk from Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line ”Shijō” station
Business hours 12:00〜23:00(Last order/22:00)
Regular holiday Mondays