Perfect for Summer! 3 Coolest & Colorful Sweets in Osaka

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Pleasantly Cool Sweets for Summer

Not feeling like walking around hot humid outside? Then this is the best opportunity to try pleasantly cool sweets in Osaka!
Not only it tastes amazing and cools you down, but also has very pretty colorful appearances. Perfect for adding a big impact to your instagram timeline!

The Best Kakigori in the world "ICE MONSTER"

A Kakigori (shaved ice) shop chosen as top 10 World Best sweets.
Ice blocks flavored fruits, coffee and tea etc. nicely shaved thin and neat, creates an unique appearance looking like a mountain of folded silk.
Different from conventional kakigori, you can feel thickness of concentrated taste and light texture melts on your tongue like snow powder at the same time. Gives you unforgettable experience of summer taste.

Tallest Softcream in Japan "Long Softcream in America mura"

As it says on Shop sign, it's a soft-cream shop, but they make very exceptional ones.
What is exceptional?-They make the tallest soft-cream in Japan!
Since it has got picked up by many medias, it is becoming popular more and more.
Without corns they are 40cm tall, and in total surprisingly over 50 cm!
In addition, they are in super reasonable price, 300 yen per soft-cream!

Cute Panda sweets in "Osaka Panda"

Have you ever be surrounded by cute sweet pandas?
This shop master is a big fan of panda. Since then, the shop is full of them, from menu to the shop interior!
Special recommended menu is a ice-cream float drink with panda face.
"The cute face is everything needed for panda sweets" the master says.

Not only sweets, so many foods to try in Osaka

There are still many other sweets and original foods to find out in Osaka. Varieties of sweets will definitely decorates your trip more colorful and pleasant.
Enjoy finding tasty and reasonable foods in Japan's gourmet city,Osaka.