Try the Green Tea Swiss Roll at Arashiyama!

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A dessert store close to Arashiyama Station

"ARINCO Kyoto arashiyama main store" is located next to Randen Arashiyama Station. ARINCO is known for its swiss roll. When you think of a swiss roll, what do you imagine? The swiss roll sold at ARINCO is probably something you have never tried.

A dessert perfect for sightseeing

This Swiss roll is made to eat while sightseeing. It is a Swiss roll popular not only among Japanese tourists but also for tourists overseas. The Swiss roll is made of a soft sponge with rich green tea cream. It is covered with green tea powder and black beans.

The soft roll and smooth texture

There are many other flavors other than green tea such as chocolate and vanilla. It is a great dessert to enjoy while walking around the areas of Arashiyama, and many people enjoy its rich and soft taste.

Try the popular Swiss roll

This is the ARINCO's famous Swiss roll. It is only sold at the store at Arashiyama, and it comes with a knife and fork. Eating the Swiss roll at the riverbanks of the Katsura river is also a recommended way to enjoy Arashiyama.

Enjoy great dessert at the cute store

The cute mark of the ant is the sign of the store. Try out ARINCO's dessert and drinks if you will be visiting Arashiyama.

Name of the facility ARINCO Kyoto Arashiyama Main Store
Address Kyoto prefecture, Kyoto, Ukyo ward, Sagatennryuujitukurimichicho 20-1, HannariHokkori square ground floor.
Tell 075-881-9520
Nearest station Ran Line Arashiyama Station
Business hours Late December -middle of March (10:00-18:00), Middle of March - Late December (9:00-20:00)
Regular holiday Closed according to the facility\'s holiday