Sujin Shinmachi: a street-food area bringing together all of Kyoto’s great food

Food/Drink Around Kyoto station

A street-food area with lots of Kyoto cuisine

Sujin Shinmachi is a street-food area with lots of Kyoto cuisine, open for a limited period until August 2020. Just a five-minute walk from Kyoto station, the area can be reached by heading east on Shiokoji Street. A great place to visit in between travel plans. It is open during the day and at night, so you can make a casual visit any time of the day.

"Chobo-yaki": YOLO food of Sujin

Chobo-yaki is said to be the origin of Okonomi-yaki and Tako-yaki. It is made on a small copper pan with small dents and includes various Japanese ingredients like chikuwa, takuwan, and konnyaku. I would recommend the five-piece set so you can try all the different flavors. Discover a new Kyoto-style taste.

A space where lots of people, food, and smiles come together

The food-stands at Sujin Shinmachi provide a unique variety of foods, from handmade grilled sausages to Japanese croquettes, hamburgers, and fried chicken, to Korean and Chinese food. All of the restaurants will bring your food to your table, so order as much as you want and wait at your seat while sipping a drink.

A new kind of tea-time...?

The stands at Sujin Shinmachi serve unique drinks such as sparkling Gyokuro green tea and sparkling Rooibos tea. Drop by for a refreshing new taste. "Sujin mochi" treats are made of unique combinations of ingredients. Try one, and the new experience is sure to make you want to try all of them!

Feels like you're out camping

From craft-beer to Kyoto nihonshu and high-quality coffee, to "beer in a kettle" and lemon high-balls, Sujin Shinmachi is full of unique and delicious drinks. There is also a stage with occasional live music and events, so just sit back and relax at a table or under a tent to enjoy the freeing atmosphere.

Name of the facility Sujin Shinmachi
Address 19-6 Kaminochō (Shiokōjidōri) Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu
Tell 075-708-2985
Nearest station 5 minutes from JR Kyoto station
Business hours 11:00am~11:00pm (*Depends on restaurant)