Five Most Unforgettable Kimono Experience in Kyoto


Kimono - Traditional Japanese Clothing

Kyoto has its unique charm that attract people all over the world. One of the charms is its particular traditional feeling of the town created by series of traditional town houses called Machiya lining up along small allies. These houses are originally more than 100 years old when Kimono was still day to day clothes for most of the people.

Dressed in Kimono and walking through this traditional Japanese air is a special kind of experience. You will feel fully immersed in the surrounding traditional townscape, and become a part of the scenery with its historical background.

Kimono comes in various patterns and vivid colours which will make great photos for lots of wonderful memories.

Yukata - Casual Cotton Kimono for Summer

Yukata is a summer garment that looks almost the same as Kimono. However it uses thiner and breathable material for humid summer.

Since old times, Yukatas have been worn as everyday clothing so they have a more casual feel than Kimonos.

You can enjoy and complete creating your own Yukata look even with pair of sneakers or sandals that are also available for rental.

Maiko Makeover Experience

The word Maiko actually indicates that she is in an apprentice Geisha.

Quite a few easily gets enchanted by Maiko's beautiful doll-like appearance, gestures, her performance of singing, dancing, playing traditional instrument called Shamisen which entertain banquet or gathering.

Complete your Maiko dress up experience in authentic Maiko style Kimono with makeup and hair done by professional stylist ! Also you can walk through traditional part of Kyoto after dressed up.

This will surely be a magical and memorable experience for you!

Oiran Makeover Experience

Experiences where you can be made over into

Oiran or entertainer/courtesan/celebrity dresses in more luxurious Kimono than Maiko, and flashy hair ornaments accentuate her fan-like hair style.

Try a seductive and bright Kimono costume and makeup, to take photos in a rich and luxurious setting?

You might be surprised to see a whole new side of yourself brought out by the makeover experience.

Samurai Experience

Lots of opportunities of learning and experiencing ancient Japanese culture are available where you will learn about Bushido code (the way of the warrior), Samurai, Katana swords, and Zen.

Dress up in Samurai clothing, you will learn about the Samurai code, the laws of honour, and right way of carrying your self as Samurai in physical way.

You might discover wisdom that you can apply to your day to day life and way of thinking, and also might find your behaviour becoming more refined.

Experience embodying the Samurai fully with your body and mind!