World Heritage Site “Zakimi Castle Ruin”, with beauty of curve and the ocean view

Visit Central of main island

A beautiful castle ruin on top of the hill in Yomitani-son

Zakimi castle started 600 years ago. It has registered as one of "Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu".

Built by a great castle architect Gosamaru

Attraction of Zakimi castle is the contrast of stone wall and green grass. Beauty of streamlined stone walls and entrance gives fresh and new impression as if it was built only yesterday.

Popular as a wedding photo spot

On sunny days the harmony of white stones, blue sky and green of grass echoes through your eyes. It is a miracle fusion of artificial products and nature.

Also as a fortress

This is called Musha-kakushi. It is designed to be a dead end. This calculated place was used to put enemies into the corner when they get attacked.

Beautiful All Day from Dawn to Sunset

From the top of castle walls, the view of East China sea from Zampa Misaki will be widely spread.
Stones inside the walls used to be the basement of main building of castle.

Address Okinawa, Nakagami-gun, Yomitani-son,Zakimi 708-6
Nearest bus stop Local bus: 15 minutes walk from Zakimi Bus stop from Naha bus terminal No.29 Yomitani Line
Admission fee Free