Onnason village’s proud viewspot “Cape Manzamo”

Visit Central of main island

The most popular "Elephant Nose"

Manzamo is located in North of Okinawa main island, Onnason village. The name derives to the meaning of "Great grassland where 10 thousand(Man) people can sit down(Za)". "Mo" part means hair, which explains that it is a grass field.
Under the sharp cliff, magnificent ocean view can be seen. The spot where you can see the elephant-shaped rock is the most popular.

Beauty of East China Sea

East China Sea view from Manzamo. The transparency is very high under the cliff. The transfer of the sea color is enjoyable, too. It is best to visit here on a sunny day. Let's enjoy the walk in between the blue sky and ocean.

Easy path, perfect for a little walk.

Ocean and grass field in Manzamo. You can have a good look in about 20 minutes. Sandals will be no problem since t here are no hills or slopes, and the roads are well organized. However, the wind from the ocean can be cold, so please be careful about what you wear.

Take time at the beautiful scenery

ANA Intercontinental Manza beach resort, Manza beach, Nabee beach, Onnason fisher port is located at the next corner on the opposite side of the coast after the East China Sea. They are each attractive sightseeing spot, but it is also beautiful to see from outside.

Drop by at souvenir stands

Stands and souvenir shops by local people are next to each other nearby the entrance of Manzamo. Okinawan Muumuu, Shi-sa, Shamisen guitar, and etc. is on sales.
Some products are sold extremely cheaper compared to Kokusai-dori Street. Don't miss your chance to get something unique here!

Address 〒904-0411 Okinawa, Kunigami-gun, Onnason Onna 2451
Tell 098-966-1280
Nearest bus stop 20 minutes walk from bus stop \"Onnason Yakuba-mae\"
Business hours All day
Regular holiday No holidays
Admission fee Free
Remarks Go up the hill on the other side of LAWSON Onna-Manzamo Iriguchi branch for 800m straight