Experience the ancient Ryukyu Kingdom in “Okokumura” Okinawa world!

Activities / Visit / Play Southern Main Island

Reproduced Okinawa townscapes "Ryukyu Okoku Joukamachi"

The old Okinawa style houses are lining up with red tiled roof. This 100 years old houses were transported and rebuilt here. At the Ryukyu Photo House, Okinawa traditional costumes are available to try. There's also a course to walk around the town in those costumes.

Kankara Shamisen workshop at the old Uezu's house

40 minutes long workshop includes the real practicing method and the music score readings. There is a course you can make your original shamisen (kankara shamisen guitar), get a lesson and take them home.

Many other traditional craft workshops

Except these interesting workshops, bingata-zome, u-zi-zome, weaving, paper making, ai-zome, Ryukyu glass, pottery workshops, bamboo crafts and etc. So many workshops are available!

Unique Okinawa culture Bukubuku-tea

At this "Bukubuku-chaya tea house" you can enjoy a white foam of tea like a soft cream. This very unique Okinawa culture is said that this used to be drunk in celebrating occasions between close friends while chatting in a passed times.

Kingdom History Museum

At the "Okoku history museum", they introduces Ryukyu's nature, culture and history with clear explanations. There is a permanent exhibition of shi-sa-s drawn by famous creators, and 300 shishi items from Asian countries.

Address Okinawa, Nanjo City, Tamagusuku Maekawa 1336
Tell 098-949-7421
Business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday No holidays
Admission fee Free pass1650円(Gyokusendo&Kingdom village1240yen each、Kingdom village/Habu Museum Park 620yen each)