Subaco, the Nago Castle Park Visitor Center Offering Panoramic Views from Atop a Hill

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An open-air café built on high ground

Subaco is the Nago Castle Park Visitor Center located on the high grounds of Nago Castle ruins offering views of Nago Bay and the townscape of Nago.
Its glass exterior lets you enjoy a beautiful scenery from anywhere within the building.

An ideal location

Go up to the short staircase to the third floor and a bright scenery opens before you.
This spacious, open area lets you enjoy the landscape to your heart’s content.
There are shelves of books as well, meaning you can enjoy some casual reading free of charge.

The view from inside the building

The all-glass walls make for a spectacular view.
This spectacular spot overlooks Nago Castle Park, the city of Nago, and Nago Bay.
On a clear day, the sky and sea sprawl a beautiful blue before you.

A relaxing break time

Enjoy coffee bought at the café on the second story as you take in the beautiful views.
Life seems to flow at a slower pace, surrounded by lush nature.

Cherry blossoms coloring the Okinawan winter

Hikanzakura cherry blossoms greet you from late January to February.
Characteristic of these cherry blossoms is their long blossoming period, the way they bloom downward, and the tendency for not just the petals but the entire flower to fall off.
Depending on the tree, the color of the flowers varies from light to dark pink, the variation a delight for the eyes.

Address 5511 Nago Nago CIty Okinawa  905-0012
Tell 0980-52-7434
Business hours 10:00-17:00(L.O16:30)
Regular holiday Open Year Round