Most Sacred Place in Ryukyu Kingdom-World Heritage Site “Se-fa-Utaki”

Visit Southern Main Island

The Most Sacred Place

"Utaki" means "Sacred place" in Okinawa. Among many utakis, Se-fa-Utaki is worshipped by people as the most sacred place until today.
Please visit the place with respect and manner.

Stone Brick Path in Nature

Depart from museum (Midori no yakata Se-fa) and go up the stair and stone tiled road.
You can feel some mysterious spiritual atmosphere spread all around the space.

Spiritual Power from a Giant Rock

Ufugu-i on your left side from the worshippers road, and then Yuinchi giant rock.
Photo is the Yuinchi (Okinawa word means Kitchen). It is said that in the period when there was a lot of trading with other countries, this place was filled by foods and drinks from foreign countries.

The Beggining of Ryukyu

Inside the wild forest, huge rocks will be drawing a triangular shape by their edge. The point of this triangle is "Sangu-i", and the top of the rock on right side is the prayers site "Chou-no-hana".

Feel the Ryukyu mythology

From Sangui, you can see Kudaka Island. This island is said that Amamikiyo the god created Ryukyu came down from heaven and first made this island.

Address Okinawa, Nanjo City, Chinen Kudeken
Tell 098-949-1899 (Midori-no-Yakata Se-fa)
Business hours 9:00~18:00 From November to Feburuary 17:30 (Entrance gate closes 30 minutes in advance)
Regular holiday To preserve nature, we have closing day twice a year. Please check in advance.
Remarks ※To avoid any accidents, please avoid sandals and high heels when visiting.