Motobu Bokujo, Distinctive Brand-Name Beef Yakiniku Born and Bred in Okinawa

Food/Drink Northern Main Island

What is Motobu Bokujo?

Motobu Beef comes from cattle from Motobu Bokujo Ranch that are raised in Motobu, Okinawa.
Raised on fermented feed made using brewer’s grain from local Orion beer, this local prefectural variety of Japanese Black features rich fiber and sweet fat, making it a popular brand of beef.

Sirloin, the King of Meat

This cut is very soft, with its sweet, juicy marbling making for the highest quality of meat.
With fine texture and an exquisite balance of fat and meat, the distinctive sweetness of the fat is what sets Motobu beef apart.

The sophisticated flavor characteristic of the fillet

Soft and with less fat, the fillet is easy to eat.
Lean and extremely soft, only a small amount of this precious, top-grade meat can be harvested from one head of cattle.
Savor the melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Assurance and Safety Policy

Since this yakiniku restaurant is managed directly by the ranch, freshness and quality control is thorough and transparent.
Their policy is to provide meat that will assure customers and have them saying how delicious it is.
Trust and a proven track record has steadily increased the number of fans.

Relaxed Interior

With sunken kotatsu-style table seats and a spacious interior, this place is bustling with families and couples.
The teppanyaki counter makes it easy to visit this restaurant by yourself as well.