It’s Flooding! Hanran burger in “Chimuhugasu”

Food/Drink Southern Main Island

15 minutes by car from Naha airport

Hanran burger shop "Chimuhugasu" is inside Umikaji terrace located in south of Naha Airport. Umikaji terrace is a shopping complex where you can meet a beautiful sunset and the sea view, although it's near by the airport.

American Pop looking shop

Many character figures will welcome you inside the shop! The shop name " Chimuhugasu" means "satisfy" or "surprise" in Okinawa language, and it's a perfect explanation for Hanran burger!

What actually is Hanran burger?

This is the Hanran burger! Two 100g hamburgs (in total 200g) with lettuce and tomato, plus bacon almost 2 cm thick! In addition, egg salad and cheese is also inside. The total weight of this surprising hamburger is more than 500 g!!!

Not only the appearance, but also the taste!

Of course it is impossible to taste everything in one bite, so they will prepare you a knife and fork. Do not underestimate this hamburger that it's only big and the taste isn't special. Actually the hamburg cannot be more juicy than this, and sauce is also amazing. Fresh veggies aslso goes so well!

Wondering about the other menus?

This is a photo of avocado burger. A half of whole avocado is inside! Also cheese burger with crispy cheese, pochigi-dog etc is worth tasting. Only one portion is more than enough, so you should come back soon to try the other menus.

Address Okinawa, Tomigusuku City, Senaga 174-6, Senagajima Umikaji Terrace #4
Tell 098-851-8782
Business hours 11:00~20:00
Regular holiday No holidays