Local Beers and Okinawa Habu-shu “Nanto Shuzo-jo”

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Healthy habu-shu brewed in their original method

Habu-shu is the Okinawa local sake made with opened-mouth pit vipers(snake) made drawn in the alcohols. Nanto Shuzo-jo brewery managed to find a method to take away only the unpleasant smell and leave the taste after the years of research.

Find "habu" snake at the tour!

At the tour corner, you can have a look at the tank with snakes inserted through a glass wall. Habu-shu from Nanto Shuzo-jo can bring some positive effects to your health and warms your body up by improving the blood circulation by herbs.

The most popular "Habu-ball"

If you are not comfortable about drinking habushu with a whole snakes inside a bottle, try "Ryukyu habu ball".There are canned type that you can drink directly, or habushu liquor for habu-ball to mix them with sparkling water.


Also high quality beer made with 100 % coral water from gyokusendo coral cave are available. 5 different types of OKINAWA SANGO BEER (coral beer) can be tried at the cafe next to the factory

Big dreams of a small distillery

Okinawa fruits liquor, Awamori coffee with coffee beans roasted by weathered corals and many other alcohols are available. Tasting corner is open inside the direct store. We wish you can find your favorite ones!

Address Okinawa, Nanjo City, Tamagusuku Maekawa 1367
Tell 098-949-7421
Business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday No holidays
Admission fee Nanto Shuzo-jo brewery is a free entrance area. Free pass 1650 yen (Gyokusendo & Okokumura 1240 yen, Okokumura/ Habu museum park 620 yen each)