Enjoy the delicious bread in a premium atmosphere near Kinkakuji temple at Boulange Okuda

Shopping Kitayama・Kitaoji

Elaborate wheat bread

The luxurious exterior distinguishes the store from others. It's difficult to deny going into the store with such an appealing exterior and a tasty smell.

Numerous selections for you to choose

There is a variety of bread, from hard bread to pastries, or even stuffed bread for you to choose. Be careful not to buy too much, since they all look so appealing...

Satisfied with their tastes and looks

The beautiful design of the bread appeals the customers. During the cold winter, they are the perfect choice for you to eat while drinking a got coffee. They are great for snacks, lunch, and even for you to bring to a party.

Carefully-selected flour and dough

The popular bacon roll is a must-choose menu. The combination of crispy crust and the soft inside wrapping the bacon is simply superb. The accent of the mustard matches perfectly with the bread.

Satisfied from inside-out

The white interior design of the store is stylish and elegant. Please enjoy the elaborate bread in this European-like atmosphere of the store. The dishes here must bring deep satisfaction for you. The store is perfect for those with children too, so please check it out when you're nearby.

Address 〒603-8357 67 Hirano Miyanishi-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto
Tell 075-464-5762
Nearest station 15 min. walk from Kitano-Hakubaicho Station (Arashiyama Line)
Nearest bus stop 1 min. walk from \"Waratenjinmae\" bus stop (Kyoto City bus)
Business hours 7:00-19:00
Regular holiday New Years Holiday