Deli Cafe Fish Shop “Kyoto fish store Ototo jet”

Food/Drink / Shopping Fushimi・Uji

A fish store in this residential area?

Who can expect a fish store to appear suddenly in this residential area?
Except cute fish illustration on the door and the sign 'Kyoto fish store Ototo jet', the appearance of this shop is like a cozy cafe.
Inside the shop is still like a cafe with wooden interiors and a small show case for fish, but without fishy smells! So many people from abroad, tourists from outside prefecture visits here to have lunch.

Fresh seasonal fish

They professionally cares about seasons, freshness, species and parts of fish, how to cut, which size, knives etc.
How they provides you a fresh best seasonal fish in a best combination is the reason for their high reputations.

Taking out Sashimi mix

Sashimi mix is perfect for decorating dinner table colorful and cheerful, especially for celebrating occasion.
This perfectly plated sashimi plate will make everybody smile.
This is a suggestion to share happy cheerful moments at home.

Reserve fresh fish lunch!

If you make a reservation, you can have lunch and fish dishes inside.
Especially Kaisendon (Fresh row fish on top of a bowl of rice) is most popular and recommended if you like fish!
Check out places and bowls they use. Enjoy your meal with eyes and tongue!

Only one table inside

Show case, kitchen and a table in front of impressive scale patterned wall is all they have inside the shop.
It's a fascinating place as a fish shop, as a restaurant at the same time.
This is a place makes you want to visit more than once for casually, tasty fish.

Name of the facility OtotoJet Kyoto Fish Store
Address 〒612-8006 Kyoto City, Fushimi-ku, Momoyama-cho, Oshima 25-178
Tell 075-622-1701
Nearest station 8 minutes walk from Keihan Uji Line Momoyama-Minamiguchi Station/ 15 minutes walk from JR Kowata Station
Business hours AM11:00~PM7:00
Regular holiday Fridays
Remarks Reservations required for lunch, lunch box and sushi.