Obsessed with charming Cream Sandwich Cake-style Dorayaki! ”Oboroya Zuiundo”

Shopping Kitayama・Kitaoji

A rumored new Kyoto specialty

Do you know the famous product of Oboroya Zuiundo ”Namadorayaki”? Its appealing and charming look is attracting attention.
Red bean paste made of of Azuki beans and its gentle sweetness and
a smooth cream just like mousse generously spread.
A new kind of sweets which goes beyond the limits of already existing Japanese sweets, is well suited to Japanese Matcha, coffee and black tea and offers a coffee time of happiness.

Be prepared to line up for this Japanese sweets store

The store offers plenty of different sorts. The gentle sweetness of the red bean paste mixed into the cream of the classic ”Oguwa” makes you want to eat more. ”Maple Coffee” is also popular with its aromatic coffee fragrance and the ideal balance with maple syrup.
Sometimes the products are sold out during the morning and the number of products you can buy might be limited so many people line up before the store opens seeking their targeted taste.

You also have to check the flavour of the seasons!

The fluffy texture of the light pink strawberry cream and the sourness of the strawberry together with the subtle sweetness of the red bean paste can be eaten with a surprisingly light feeling.
You can enjoy a short time of luxury in the afternoom eating it at home with a warm drink.

Matcha sweets characterstic of Kyoto

The ”Matcha” is made of Matcha cream mixed with sweet bean jam and its fresh green cream particularly catches the eye.
The balance between the sweetness of the soft dough and the subtle bitterness of the Matcha is perfect.

Pursue the taste you can only get here

There are seasonal products and you might want to try something different each time you visit.
You will have to line up as online shopping or reservation are not available but how about taking a walk in the early morning and visiting the store on that occasion for a bite of supreme bliss.

Name of the facility Oboroya Zuiundo
Address 43-1 Shichiku Kamitakedonocho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 603-8411
Tell 075-491-6011
Nearest station 20 minutes walk from Subway Karasuma Line ”Kitaoji Station” 
Nearest bus stop 2 minutes walk from Kyoto City Bus ”Shimotakedonocho” / 5 minutes walk from ”Kamogawa Chugaku-mae”
Business hours 9:00~19:00
Regular holiday Tuesdays
Remarks The store closes when all products are sold. Please check via phone prior to your visit.