Let’s enjoy the shaved ice throughout a year! Visit “Ruan Shimairo” via marine road

Food/Drink Central of main island

Trendy shop in a small alley in Miyagi island

"Ruan Shimairo" was opened by a professional ice shaver trained in a famous shop in Kanagawa and an Okinawa pottery artist. Drive straight the marine road and you will see Miyagi Island after Henza Island.

Shaved ice and pottery exhibitions

Half of the inside is the exhibition area for potteries. Pretty unique colors are used.

Shaved ice served in a beautiful ceramics

This is the matcha milk. The exhibited pottery is used. Nice and easy to hold with a handle!

Hard to choose between the various options!

Caramel milk also looks tasty. Fluffy ice melts and disappears immediately in your mouth.

Find this fancy sign

High sense of two owners can be seen in here and there at the details inside the shop. They provides the shaved ice throughout a year. Check out their seasonal menus- chestnuts, pumpkins, etc...

Address Okinawa, Uruma City, Yonashiro Tobaru 428-2
Business hours 11:00〜17:00