Uminchu Shokudo, Where You Can Enjoy Dining on the Terrace and Fresh Seafood Cooked on the Spot

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An array of freshly-caught fish

Situated in Toya Fishing Port in the village of Yomitan, this cafeteria is part of a joint complex with an auction area and farmer’s market.
The fish market opens once the fishing co-op auctions finish, meaning that even the layperson can purchase fresh fish cheap.

A lineup of fresh, local fish

Eat fresh, locally-caught fish prepared for you on the spot.
Have it prepared as sashimi, letting you enjoy the freshness of freshly-caught fish, on top of rice, or have the entire fish fried whole.

Adroit handling of the knife

The fish of your choice will be expertly flayed.
Watching this show is part of the fun.
There is a cafeteria on the second floor, meaning you can eat your fresh fish right away.

The spacious Uminchu Shokudo (Uminchu Cafeteria)

Since this is a fishing port, taking a seat on the terrace and gazing out over the sea as you eat is recommended when the weather is good.
Enjoy the luxury of freshly caught seafood as you feel the ocean breeze.

Lavish! The Uminchu Rice Bowl

Topped so generously with seafood that you cannot see the rice, this rice bowl is bound to exhilarate!
Fresh tuna is arranged with squid, shrimp, and salmon roe into a rice bowl.
The aosa (sea lettuce) miso soup that comes with it is prepared Okinawa-style for a flavor you’ll never forget.

Address 33, Aza-Toya, yomitan-son, Nkagami-gun, Okinawa 904-0305
Tell 098-957-0225
Business hours 10:00-16:00
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays