Fun to just walk! Most popular street in Okinawa “Kokusai Street”

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Main street called "Miracle 1 mile", where all the Okinawa specialities gather!

Kokusai Street is 1.6 km street from Asato Sansaro to Kencho-mae intersection. It's an energetic street with many restaurants and souvenir shops are gathered. This place has recovered and developed dramatically after the war. Since the distance was exact 1 mile, it is also called "Miracle 1 mile".

Too much to see!? Souvenir line ups

Many souvenir shops are cheep and has varieties of choices of items. You can almost get every souvenirs from all over Okinawa in here such as popular snacks, mini-pine (not to eat) and Habushu etc. Just to walk and look around is a great fun!

Enjoy Okinawa Gourmet!

Many restaurants where you can try Okinawa speciality foods are all gathered in here! There are many steaks and Okinawa noodle restaurants in a reasonable price.
There are many shops for blue seal ice cream and Sata Andagi.

Many tasty things! Huge castle of snacks

On the west side of the main stree, there is a place called Okashi Goten (snacks castle). Inside the shop is designed with motif of Shuri Castle.
You can get a lot of snacks in here including the most popular Red potato tarte. Also freshly made pastries are available. There's also a cafe space to rest.

Don't miss the back streets! Local galleries.

Once you entered a back street, there will be galleries popular with local people. So many interesting shops are there to figure out! Unique grocery shops only in Okinawa, Shamisen instrument shops, Okinawa traditional Kimono shops... Might find a very rare item!

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