Enjoy the natural sweetness of ingredients at “Bodai Honpo”

Shopping Kwaramachi・Pontocho

The traditional gentle flavor

The meaning of the word "Bodai" written on the shop curtains is "to always improve their own skills." The word comes from "歩大 (Bodai)" which is "大歩(taking big steps)" written backward.

The sophisticated skills of craftsmen

The Kyoto amanatto (sweet beans) made by their craftsmen are one of their popular products. Their products are made slightly different according to the weather and season in order to keep their traditional taste.

Simple, but tasty

Bodai uses runner beans made in Hokkaido and their products have a natural sweetness. The amanatto is hard on the outside, but soft and sweet in the inside. Try out Bodai's gentle but sweet taste.

Like a shining jewlery

The chestnut amanatto is made from large high-quality chestnuts. The honey inside will spill out once you bite into the chestnut, which will cover the sugar on the outside. The sweet potato amanatto is made from the famous Narutokintoki, and is popular for its rich and wet flavor.

A traditional taste as a souvenir

The "Tsuyushibuguri" is also a popular product for its natural and sweet flavor, which is covered in sugar and honey. The products that are lined up in the showcase are all beautiful and you may wonder which product to buy. How about going to Bodai to buy a souvenir for someone important?

Name of the facility Bodai honpo
Address 〒606-8383 Kyoto Sakyo-ku Shinpontocho137
Tell 075-771-1871
Nearest station 10 minutes walk from Keihan dentetsu \"Jinguu Marutamachi Station\" ・ Subway Tozai Line \"Kyotoshiyakushomae Station\"
Business hours Weekdays 8:00~17:00
Regular holiday Sundays・National holidays