The oldest Oden restaurant “Takoume”

Food/Drink Southern Osaka (Namba・Dotonbori・Shinsaibashi) area

Traditional dish in Japan, Oden

In Japan, a hot bowl of oden becomes very popular during the cold winter.
Takoume is the oldest oden restaurant in Japan and has been mentioned in many novels and media.
The interior of the restaurant invites a sense of nostalgic feeling to the visitors.

A restaurant lasting for more than 170 years

Takoume has been keeping its traditional taste of oden ever since it was founded. The taste continues to appeal to many fans today. Some come to the restaurant to taste the oden which they used to eat back when they were younger.

The popular menu “Saezuri®” and “Sweet-stewed octopus”

“Saezuri®” means whale tongue. Umejiro Okada, the first owner of the restaurant used the name for the menu since the chewing sound when eating whale tongue sounded like a “saezuri (birds chirping)”.
The menu name is now widely used, but it’s actually a menu name registered by Takoume!

A niche but a popular menu, “seaweed”

The seaweed which includes the delicious soup spreads the great taste when eating it.
There are many other dishes available, including konnyaku (yam root jelly) which has been stewed for 4 days, and large ganmodoki (fried bean curd cake).

Best to visit the restaurant right after it opens at 5 pm

Takoume has 3 branch restaurants near Umeda station.
Why don’t you eat the traditional oden dishes and feel yourself become satisfied inside and out?

Name of the facility Takoume; an oden restaurant established in 1844
Address 1-1-8 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
Tell 06-6211-6201
Nearest station Nipponbashi Station/ Namba Station
Business hours ■Weekdays 17:00~22:50(LO22:30) ■Weekends 11:30~14:30(Set menu available)・ 17:00~22:50(LO22:30)
Regular holiday New Years Holiday(12/31・1/1~1/3)
Remarks ■ \"Takoume North store\" \"Takoume branch store\"…Shin-Umeda Shokudogai 1F ■\"Takoume East store\"…Whity Umeda