Come and see the 3000 maple trees at Zenrinji Eikando!

Visit Higashiyama・Gion

The beautiful scenery that continues from the Heian era.

Eikando has many places that are great to visit. Not only nature, but also the historical buildings are popular among visitors. There are many places to look around such as the mikaeri-amida, Hojyozenteien, Hyojyochi and much more.

The corridor to Shodo

The corridor that leads to Kaizando is called Garyuro, which its name comes from ryu(dragon). It is made of wood and is bumpy, and people who walk here say that it is just like walking through a body of a dragon.

Listen to the trickling sound of water at Suikinkutsu

This place is a place to enjoy the sound of water that walls into the well from between the bamboos. Listen closely when there is nobody near and you can hear the sound of water playing music just like a koto instrument.

Visit the Amidado to see the Amidanyorai

The Amidanyorai and Makaeri-Amida are inside the main building. The Mikaeri-Amida, which stands looking back, expresses the kind heart of waiting for someone and caring for them. The pillar and beam is painted in beautiful colors, which stand out in the Autumn when it stands in the color of red and yellow.

The tahoutou(treasure tower)

The Tahoutou is located in the highest place of the Eikando grounds on the Nyakuoozan mountain. After climbing the stone steps you can observe the whole of Kyoto, and also the beautiful green and blue of the Eikando grounds.

Address 〒606-8445 Kyotoshi Sakyoku Eikandocho48
Tell 075-761-0007
Nearest station 15 minutes walk from Subway Tozai Line Keage Station
Nearest bus stop 3 minutes walk from Nanzenji・Eikandomichi bus stop5 minutes walk from Higashitenoji bus stop
Business hours 9:00-17:00(Last entry 16:00)
Regular holiday Open everyday except the temple\'s treasure exhibition (Beginning of November ~ Beginning of December)
Admission fee Adults 600Yen, Elementary・Junior high-school students 400Yen