“American Village” in Chiyatan-The Centre of Okinawa’s Trend

Food/Drink / Shopping / Play Central of main island

Center of Chiyatan "American Village"

Chiyatan is the area where young Okinawa fashionistas gather.
This west coast American style place is also popular for tourists from abroad.

Even window shopping is a lot of fun!

American village is a complex town with restaurants, shops, hotels, bowling centers, cinemas, live houses and hot spring facilities!

Okinawa Gourmet Spot

There are also many Okinawa gourmet spots!
"Blue Seal Depo-Island branch" in the photo is the ice cream shop loved by Okinawa local people. (Depo Island C Tower 2F, Opening hours: 11:00~22:00)

Beautiful View from the Sunset Beach

This village has adjoining beautiful beach called "Sunset Beach". It is one of the best sunset spots in Okinawa.

Amazing Night Views in Chiyatan

After the sunset, this town changes it's color completely. You can spend a whole day without getting bored!
It is worth spending some time here if you're visiting Okinawa.

Address 〒904-0115 Okinawa, Nakagami-gun, Chiyatan-cho, Mihama 15-69