Kouri Island Floating on the Beautiful Emerald Blue Sea

Visit Northern Main Island

Kouri Bridge, the entrance to the island

Kouri Bridge connects the village of Nakijin on Kouri Island with the city of Nago on Yagaji Island.
The journey across this 2-kilometer bridge over the sea will create a sense of awe you won’t find anywhere else.

Blown by the winds of Okinawa

See passing ships and slowly swimming sea turtles as you walk across the bridge.
While a drive across would be exhilarating, feeling the wind on your skin as you walk over the sea is magnificent.

The blue seas and white sand of Kouri Beach

A beautiful beach with clear waters. Blue skies, shimmering emerald seas, and white sand.
It is as though the sky is melting into the sea.

The landscape of Okinawa, just like a postcard

Village houses surrounded with white stone walls, fields of sugar cane swaying in the sea breeze.
These rustic landscapes of Okinawa have been here since antiquity and can still be seen today.

The heart rock of Tinu Beach

This is a popular spot where two overlapping rocks appear as a heart shape.
The sun setting off the coast makes it even more romantic.

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