Art Postcards Gallery colors your daily life. To send, to see, to decorate your room.

Visit / Shopping Karasuma・Omiya

A shop introduces the arts and culture

Kyoto Benrido is located near the quiet intersection at Tominokoji, the west direction from Kawaramachi Sanjo.
Inside the machiya style shop, so many postcards especially permitted from various art museums are displayed so beautifully and creating an impressive view.
This place introduces you to the joyful world of postcards to color your daily life.

Art postcards displayed on the wall

Enjoy your time in here as if you are in an art museum checking out all the art work exhibitions to choose your favorite piece out of 1000 different kinds.
A post card with the kimono pattern paper design, seasonal daily use postcards, the cityscape of Kyoto in summer drawn by the famous artists, Benrido original poscards...
So many items can be used as an interior decorations, gifts and souvenirs inspired from Japanese and the world art works and modern arts.

Beautiful stationaries in the seasonal themes

"SHIHO", the original Japanese stationary series in Benrido, produces postcards and letter sets using Japanese traditional colors for each seasons.
The opportunities to communicate in letters are decreasing day by day when everything is easy and convenient.
And that is why the process of "writing" by taking your time to keep your memories is so special for us nowadays.

Wood block print/ collotype using an extension of the photo technique

Collotype is the oldest printing technique by using more than 40 types of specially made inks, each layers of colors printed by professionals.
Since the photos are directly used as the block, all the details and smoothness are printed so precisely. It appreciates the original atmosphere of the photo.
Here "Kyoto Benrido" preserves the technique of collotype with the impressive quality with a real professional techniques.

Enjoy the gallery space

The best part of this place is that you feel the art works close and familiar- Beautiful copied detailed collotype works, the national treasure motif works and etc.
All the artworks are usually available to see in the museums, but here you can enjoy them so close, so familiar in your hands.
These postcards brings you good opportunities to realize the color to your daily life provides you the rest and the peace to your heart.

Name of the facility Kyoto Benrido
Address 〒604-8084 Kyoto City, Nakagyo-ku, Tomino-koji Sanjo Agaru Nishigawa
Tell 075-253-0625
Nearest station 5 minutes walk from Subway Tozai Line \"Shiyakusho-mae\" Station/ 10 minutes walk from Subway Karasuma or Tozai Line \"Karasuma Oike\" Station
Business hours 10:30~19:30
Regular holiday Wednesdays