Learn the best way to taste Shincha? “Wazuka-cho”, the peak of Shincha in Uji


"Shincha" is the seasonal limited taste in Uji

The new leaf picking will be done around "Hachijuhachi-ya" day in Uji, where you can enjoy the view of the tea plants covered with green.
"Hachijuhachi-ya" is the 88th day from Risshun, the spring day, which is usually around 1st~3rd May.
"Shincha" is the tea made by the very first leaves of the year.
The fresh taste of Shincha can be enjoyed only in this season.

Taste the tea in "Wazuka-cho", the brand tea producing area

Wazuka town in Kyoto prefecture has over 800years history and tradition of "Uji" tea brand.
The town is a basin surrounded by forest. The temperature difference between day and night is huge, which creates fogs easily.
Since the fog in this town creates the unique taste and scent, the Wazuka tea is called "Kirika (mist scent)", and known as a romantic tea with misty scent.
Sweetness and the fresh scent of the tea using soft and juicy fresh leaves are only available in May and June.
Let's visit this place to try out the top of "Shincha".

A cup of tea at a cafe with the best view

To enjoy the extreme taste, an extremely good location is needed.
There is a sky cafe on top of the high hill in Wazukacho.
Combination of the beautiful scenery and a cup of tea will be your special moment.

Want to enjoy shopping? Visit Wazuka tea cafe!

"Wazuka cafe" is the place where all the Uji tea products gather from 30 tea farmers in Wazuka.
Not only the shop and cafe but also has the role of an information center.
Uji tea of 800 years of history has been continuously evolving.
You can buy and taste the tea which is the solution of all the professional farmers in history here.

Let's master how to make tea

If you are getting such tea leaves, let's learn how to make them in a proper way.
When the tea is prepared properly, you will fall in love with the rich taste and scent with a beautiful green color.
Japanese tea instructor in "Wazuka tea cafe" will always help you to learn how to make tea properly. Let's ask how to enjoy them fully.
Wazuka Tea Cafe
Ohasama−4−1, Shirasu, Wazuka, Soraku District, Kyoto
TEL 080−3841−4180
Mon~Sat 10:00~17:00, Sun 9:00~17:00
※ Temporary shop is open due to the construction
※ Tea workshop registration is always available