Osaka’s craft beer “Minoh beer”

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Minoh Beer, celebrating its 20th anniversary

Craft beer is famous for its unique taste which is reflected by the ingredients, brewing technique, and the brewers.
Recently, Minoh beer "W-IPA" was awarded a gold prize at International Brewing Awards 2017, leaving a bold impression for their high quality.

From the left "W-IPA/ Stout /Pale Ale/ Weizen/ Pilsner

Minoh beer has been studied to satisfy the customers through carefully managing each brewing processes.
In addition to the 5 types of standard Minoh beers, there are some beers available exclusively during each season.

The seasonally exclusive beers

Minoh beer is made seasonally, so you can taste the different tastes of the beers based on different timings.
Customers can enjoy the seasonal beers like the "Peach Weizen" that will be available in the summer and the "Yuzu White" which uses the yuzu fruit that was produced in Minoh.

Three company official stores

The company's official store, "WAREHOUSE," which is located next to the brewery, provides visitors with freshly produced Minoh beer. Other products like bottle beer and original goods can also be bought at the store.

The official store in Osaka city, "BEER BELLY"

In the city area, there are Minoh beer store "BEER BELLY," located in a 5-minutes walk range from Higobashi Station, and "BEER BELLY Tenma," located in a 3-minutes walk range from Temmabashi Station, inside Tenma market area.
Why don't you stop by the stores during your stay in Osaka?

Name of the facility Minoh Beer 【WAREHOUSE】
Address 3-14-18 Makiochi, Minoo-shi, Osaka-fu
Tell 072-725-7234
Nearest station 12 minutes walk from Makiochi Station (Hankyu Minoh Line)
Business hours 【Store】10:00-21:00 【Pub】11:00-21:00 (Last order at 20:30)
Regular holiday Thursdays