Enjoying the colors of the seasons with vibrant and lively plants ”Kyoto Botanical Gardens”

Visit Kitayama・Kitaoji

A cheerful collaboration you must see!

A visit in spring, when the cherry blossoms in full bloom compete with the red tulips in the flower beds of the main entrance, is also enjoyable.
There are around 450 cherry blossom trees of 170 different kinds and various colours planted in the park. Each year from mid-March to late April the park is crowded with visitors viewing the cherry blossoms.
It is a popular spot where you can enjoy early blooming and late blooming cherry blossoms like the Taiwan cherry, the Yoshino cherry, the mountain cherry and the plena rosa for a long period of time.

Even on the cloudy days of the rainy season the Japanese Iris looks nice

The graceful beauty of the Japanese Iris garden in early summer invites a feeling of refreshment and carries a fresh breeze to the heart.
The flower's gentle and elegant tinge and appreance are very impressive and make you feel the Japanese spirit.
The moment of recover created by the flowers of the season will surely give people a gentle feeling.

A little-known place for viewing autumn leaves

The the Nakaragi forest and the large formosan sweetgum trees which vividly decorate the park in autumn are a must-see.
Please visit for a walk around the red-tainted Nakaragi pond to admire the autumn leaves in the middle of the near-natural forest.
All over the park there are around 500 trees including scarlet rosemallow and cherry trees, formosan sweetgum and Ginkgo trees changing colours to yellow and red and showing the joy of the season.

Welcome to a magical forest

Around the Nakaragi Forest, over 200 Japanese maple trees are beautifully lit up turning the entire surroundings into a dream-like place.
When the park is lit up at night, the whole scenery changes with different effects of the lights create reflections that you cannnot see during day, such as trees reflecting on the surface of waters.
This night time illumination in 2020 is held from November 14th Saturday thru 29th Sunday, from sunset to 8:00 PM (last entrance at 7:30 PM).

Name of the facility Kyoto Botanical Gardens
Address Shimogamo Hangicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-0823
Tell 075-701-0141
Nearest station Near by Kitayama Station on the Subway Karasuma Line
Nearest bus stop 5 minutes from Kyoto City Bus ”Shokubutsuen Mae” station
Business hours Opening hours 9:00~17:00
Regular holiday Closed from December 28 ~ January 4
Admission fee Entrance fee: Adults 200 yen, High school students 150 yen
Remarks ※受付終了 16:00 / 温室開室時間 10:00~16:00(入室は15:30まで)