How to successfully enjoy sampling food without spending arms and legs at Kuromon Market

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Kuromon Market known as Osaka's kitchen

Here is the Osaka's center of food culture, Kuromon Ichiba market. This is where many carefully selected ingredients from all over Japan are gathered for the city of food.

Kuromon Ichiba is usually crowded with many tourists but it is an authentic food market that professional chefs come to get their ingredients to serve at their business.
This market is conveniently located close to Dotonbori, which is famous for the huge Glico sign, and great for sightseeing.

You can also try the food as strolling the market, so why not enjoy Osaka's gourmet food culture?

Different sorts of seafood and meats as well!!

What you will find at Kuromon Ichiba market is not only various kinds of fresh seafood but also carefully selected different meats!

As you walk around you'll see many vendors outside of shops, so many that it might be hard to decide which one to try.

Let's pick up some of the many vendors for you! Try out some of their food as you continue your stroll into the market.

Get the freshest sushi made in front of your eyes!

If you are looking for some authentic tuna experience, go to tuna shop Kurogin where deals with even rare parts of good quality tuna.

At this shop, they will slice a piece up on the spot and served as you wish, such as sashimi, sushi, or over rice.

If you like sushi, try "Aburi Toro Shushi", lightly broiled fatty part of tuna as sushi, 2 pieces for 800 yen.

You can enjoy a large and thick piece of the fatty and sweet part of the tuna.
Each piece is big and very satisfying for sure.

Find out where locals actually shop!!

This Kuromon Ichiba is visited not only by tourists but also by professional chefs and locals.
Find out where those professional cooks and locals actually shop! You may be able to find something delicious with great value.

A Japanese deli store Ishibashi is one of the places local go. This long-established store has a variety of colorful handmade Japanese delis!
The most popular dish is the slowly cooked "Oden", only costs 100 yen per item. You can even eat on the spot!
Why don't you stroll the market while eating the exquisite Oden piece soaked in the dashi stock?

*Please pay good attention to your surroundings when you eat while walking around.

Lively Kuromon Market

Kuromon Ichiba market is full of vibrancy particular to Osaka!

You can enjoy the atmosphere of Osaka just by walking through it.
People at stores are usually very friendly, so you may be able to hear various inside stories about Osaka.

Why not enjoy Osaka by visiting "Kuromon Ichiba"?

Name of the facility Kuromon Market
Address 2-4-1 Nippombashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-City
Nearest station OsakaMetro各線日本橋駅