【News】Kinoshita Circus finally comes to Osaka!

Experience Northern Osaka(Osaka Station・Umeda) area

Kinoshita Circus comes to Osaka!!

”Around 2 and a half years” after having opened in March 2016 in the Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park it finally comes back!
The internationally recognized ”Kinoshita Circus” will finally come to Osaka between【December 8~March 11】!
Moreover this time it will open at a place very easy to access, 3 minutes by foot from Osaka Station!!

Once again this moment of excitement when the astonishment, wonder and magnificence take your breath away!
Watching the show you will think that you were brought to another world for a short time.
Please watch this marvelous and spectacular show in Osaka!

The magnificence of Kinoshita Circus continuing for over 100 years!

”Kinoshita Circus” has an audience of around 1.2 million people every year and is Japan’s oldest circus with a history of 116 years.
Gigantic elephants, lions and other animals are part of the performances and magic and the classical theater with typically Japanese elements which you can only see at ”Kinoshita Circus” is a must-see!
You can experience the friendliness and impressiveness of the animals which you cannot feel usually, as you will be very close to them.
Kinoshita Circus embodies the slogan ”there are no boundaries to circus” and offers not only a magnificent performance but also comical elements included to its show with laughter, surprise and excitement.

The impressive, typically Japanese【Classical Theater】

The Japanese elements adopted in the classical theater are characteristic of ”Kinoshita Circus”.
It is a wonderful performance of women wearing Kimonos who show special martial arts moves using Japanese sliding screens and ladders.
Moreover impressive Taiko performances by numerous people make the venue lively! Without doubt!

Whatever performance you will not be able to take your eyes off!!

During the ”White Lions World Show of Fierce Animals” the beautiful white lions that impress the world run and jump!
You can feel the communication between numerous lions and their trainer from close-by.
In addition to seeing the white lions that are rare worldwide their performing appearance is worth seeing!

The ”Trapeze ” is a standard element of the circus.
Performers fly in different ways on both sides of the 13 m high trapeze at a high tempo and do an exciting heart-beat performance but to your surprise they do not only fly but go as far as making extremely bold moves ”flying with covered eyes”!
Not for one moment you can take your eyes off of this stunning performance which cannot happen without trust and a strong connection.

The performances of Kinoshita Circus which continue to progress

The artists of the circus always perform side by side with ”death”.

This is why watching from close-by is impressive and tremendous and only those watching the show can enjoy a short time resembling a dream and feel the excitement.

The fair prices are also a reason to visit Kinoshita Circus. Please visit the circus on this occasion regardless of whether you have already seen the show or visit for the first time.

Name of the facility Kinoshita Circus
Tell 06-6359-4500
Nearest station ■JR ”Osaka” Station▶ 3 minutes walk ■Osaka Metro Midosuji Line ”Umeda” Station▶ 3 minutes walk ■Hankyu, Hanshin ”Umeda” Station▶ 5 minutes walk
Business hours Differs depending on the date. Please visit the homepage for details.
Regular holiday Every Thursday, 12/12 (Wed), 12/31 (Mon), 1/9 (Wed), 2/20 (Wed). Exceptionally performances will take place on January 3 (Thu).
Admission fee Differs depending on the seat. Please visit the homepage for details.