Experience Japanese Traditional Craft “Glass Zaiku”

Experience the Osaka Castle area

Traditional Japanese Craft-Glass work shop

Here, you can try a Japanese traditional glass craft "Glass zaiku (glass work)".
How about keeping your glass work as your souvenir of trip in Japan?
In addition to glass art workshop, you can get "tombo-dama" glass work by professionals, and also equipments for glass art.
If you remember the order to make them, it's possible to do your own work at your home.

Most popular course "Tombo-dama workshop is the recommended!

In this workshop, you use burner to melt glass and shape them.
Instructors shows you examples of steps first, so professionally, so easily. However, when it's once your turn to try it, you'll surprise how difficult it is!
But don't worry, you'll start to know how to deal with them in short time. Apparently, it's not impossible for beginners to make a perfect shape.

Attraction of this Workshop

This workshop lets you to do everything by yourself as much as possible, from start to the end, and that's what makes you filled with satisfaction after this workshop.
Not only the satisfaction, but another great thing about this workshop is that you can choose your own glass color out of more than a hundred of choices to create your original glass art, the only one in the world.

Keep your memory in Glass

When the workshop is done, let's take it home with you and keep it for your memory.
However, please be careful about sudden changes in temperature since they are very delicate after made. Let it cool down for about an hour.
The shop can also keep it while cooling down, so you can come back after two hours of walking around in the neighbor.
If you cannot wait for them, it's also possible to get them sent afterwards. Please ask staff.

How to make reservation

【Foreign tourists】
Please book online.
※Scan QR code to jump straight to booking site.

Phone reservation is also available.
Please feel free to ask anything.

Name of the facility Kinari Garasu Kyobashi
Address Osaka city, Miyakojima-ku, Katamachi, 2-2-36
Tell 06-6351-9250
Nearest station Kyobashi Station (Several lines available)
Business hours March~October 10:00~19:30/November~February 10:00~19:00 Sundays/Holidays(Through Year)10:00~19:00
Regular holiday Friday
Admission fee 【Foreigner】Make your own key rings with your original two Tombo-dama glass works・・・¥2,160(Tax included) 【Japanese】Simple 2 Tombo-damas(Without key ring parts)・・・¥1,620(Tax included)or¥2,160(Tax included)