‘Ninjado’-Where you can be a real Ninja

Experience Tennōji area

What's fascinating about Ninja-do

1. Try a real quality of Ninja costume. Feel free to take photo as much as you want. Great opportunity to take a snap to keep your trip memories.
2.Workshop for a basic Ninja movement/technique.
3.A rare chance to know about Ninja weapons and equipments. You might get a chance to hear a rare/secret stories about Ninja.
4.English/Chinese available.No worries for language.

kujigoshinbo and Hohou

Kujigoshinbo - It is a kind of 'spell' for Ninja to make their spirits concentrated.
Try to concentrate as if you became a real Ninja.

Hohou is a walking technique without making a single sound.
Originally there are 10 types of this Hohou. You can choose 3 to try.

Shinobigatana and Fukiya

In lesson of Shinobi-gatana, you learn how to hold, use and behave while using Ninja sword, katana.
After lessons, let's try an actual movement of tate(sword battle) with instructor.
In Fukiya lesson, you can change something into a useful weapon. What is that something? Please try and figure it out with your eyes!


Shuriken is one of the most famous Ninja weapon.
First, use a safe Shuriken made of rubber to practice your throwing skills.
You will get to throw a real heavy metal shuriken in the end.
Try to hit the centre of target and test your skill for Shuriken.

Walk in the Osaka city is available as option

How about walk around Osaka city in Ninja costume?(Additional fare 1000yen per person is required).
It's so fun to lurk in the crowds as a Ninja.
You might find some new face of Osaka from unusual perspective.
'Tennoji' and 'Chausu-yama' is also recommended to visit in Ninja costume.

Name of the facility Ninja-do
Address Osaka city, Nishinari-ku, Taishi,1-1-18, Wakaba buid. 4F
Tell 06-6131-9768
Business hours AM10:00~PM5:00
Regular holiday Not fixed
Admission fee Adults 4800 yen / Kids(up to primary school) 3800 yen