Japanese Kitchen Utility Stores – the unexpected place to find fascinating souvenirs!

Visit / Shopping Southern Osaka (Namba・Dotonbori・Shinsaibashi) area

A shopping street with everything related to the kitchen and food culture. This shopping ally of "Douguya-suji" has been supporting the city of food, Osaka.

Have you heard the shopping street called "Doguya-suji", literally translated as a small ally of tool stores? It is a shopping street with all kinds of food-related items!

The “Douguya-suji” street near Namba in Osaka is full of those stores which sell unique Japanese kitchen utility and a variety of food-related items, from pots and pans to shop signs and restaurant uniforms and those plastic food samples that you see quite often outside of restaurants in display cases.

There are so many unique and interesting things you can find just perfect for souvenirs. We have picked a few stores for you to try.

Perfect for souvenirs!? Utilitarian tools of every sort from Japanese everyday households are here!

The plastic food samples are very popular among visitors from outside Japan.
They are made amazingly realistic that they appear real at first glance! This along tells you Japanese high skillsets of creative precision, which Japan feels very proud of!

Out of many stores that sell food samples here, Design Pocket is a great pick. In addition to those plastic foods for display, they made them into mobile phone accessories and other fun stuff. All are great for souvenirs!!

You can also experience making plastic food on your own. A perfect way to create both a good memory and a little gift for yourself.

From different types of dish wares, pots and pans, to chopstick rests.

At Senda, you will find various kitchen-related items are packed in a small space, from many types of pots to Japanese knives and even takoyaki iron plate!! It's like a department store of kitchen equipment, and the number of items piled up everywhere in the store is overwhelming. Some of them are things you'd never seen before.

Kagetsudo is the place where you can fully feel Japan, which carries various items unique to Japanese culture.

Various ornaments from lanterns to Noren curtain entertain our eyes just by looking at them. Many Japanese miscellaneous goods are perfect as souvenirs, so why not take one with you back home?

For those who are looking for something stylish for your kitchen, NAKAO FACTORY WORKS & COFFEE STAND is a must-see.
Items you see at a professional kitchen are here. You can find pans used by famous hotels and the finest aluminum pans here!

A variety of stylish cooking utensils are lined up, so just having one at home will do a great job by adding your kitchen a style!

How about handmade glass as a souvenir? At Senda Glass Tableware, you can make your glass with a glass art experience.
This place has everything made in glass from high-end items to handy day-to-day use items. There is no doubt that you will be delighted by pieces from here for souvenirs.

You can even find uniforms!!

Tsuruya is all about uniforms of all sorts of restaurants, from Japanese-Western style to authentic Japanese restaurants. Some of the classic souvenirs people are getting are Japanese gowns called "Happi".

Cute aprons are also very popular as souvenirs.

Make the most of the specialty stores for unexpected find.

There are many discoveries just by looking at the abundant item lineups at each one of the specialty stores!!

You will see many things you'd never seen before!
All the items are perfect as souvenirs, so you might have a hard time making a decision!

Good for sightseeing as you get to experience making plastic food samples and glassware!

Why don't you visit this fun "Douguyasuji" to find the best souvenirs and make the best memories?