Recommended by Osaka local people! The 5 best hidden spots

Food/Drink / Experience / Visit Northern Osaka(Osaka Station・Umeda) area

Minoh Onsen Spa Garden (Minoh City)

Not only the hot spring it self, but this unique retro atmosphere can be enjoyed at this Edo period theme designed facility.
The water here is called "Hot spring of life", derives to one of the best water quality in west Japan.
Stands for kids are also nostalgic for adults, such as yoyo fishings and target games.
This is a hot spring theme park where you can spend a whole day and still not enough. Highlands pool will be open in the summer.
Address: Osaka, Minoh city, Onsen-cho 1-1
Tel: 0570-041266

TAKOPA (Konohana-ku/Universal city)

"Six popular and famous Takoyaki shops" gathers here in one place. Osaka local people is very confident about recommending this spot!
From the traditional recipes to the creative new style, you can enjoy varieties of takoyakis.
Let's find your favourite one here.
Address:Osaka city, Konohana-ku, Shimaya 6-2-61 4F
Opening Hours:11:00~22:00(No holidays)

Smartball New Star (Naniwa-ku Shinsekai)

This is a game centre you can enjoy nostalgic smart-balls.
What is smart balls? Imagine a retro style pachinco for the answer.
You can exchange the balls with a prize. Good luck to get a good one!
※Children under 18 cannot be entered. Please be careful if you have any kids company.
Address:Osaka city, Naniwa-ku, Ebisu Higashi 3-5-19
Opening hours:Weekdays:11:30~22:00 Weekends:10:00~22:00

Sakai Teppo-kan (Sakai city)

Inside the building, a reproduced fireplace used to forge guns, undone pistols and equipments are exhibited.
This place has well designed to express the atmosphere back then. Both Kajiya(blacksmith) and Jin'ya can be seen in this one place.
You can get explanations from the guide on weekends and the national holidays about the usage of matchlock guns and etc.
Address:Osaka, Sakai city, Sakai-ku, Kita-hatagocho Nishi 1-2-7
Opening hours:11:00~16:00(Only opens on weekends & national holidays)

Osaka Bozu Bar (Kita-ku)

This "BOZU Bar" is where you can enjoy your drinks with a real monk(Bozu).
This new style monk bar became popular as a place to chat with a monk casually.
In the mysterious space created by the fusion of Buddhism and the alcohol drinks, the original buddhism cocktails are waiting for you.
※The monk staff will come after 8 PM.
Address: Osaka city, Kita-ku. Honjo Higashi 1-3-5
Opening hours:18:00~23:00
Holidays: Mondays & National holidays