A boat trip that takes you back in time

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Revive the old boat transporting culture on Yodogawa river!!

This historical type of ship is called "Thirty Rice Barrel Boat", which indicates that ship can transport that many loads at once. This boat was popular transportation means among locals which connected Osaka and Kyoto in the Edo period. At that time, it was said to carry about 1,500 people a day.

With visiting a small museum of the history of Hirakata that prospered as a post town and the present, and through detailed explanations of the time from the inboard guide, learning the song of the Thirty Rice Barrel Boat, this boat trip is an attempt to revisit a part of this historical boat route in order to experience the lively atmosphere of the time in Hirakata.

1. A row of cherry trees along the Okawa River. The cherry blossom viewing from a houseboat is exceptional.

2. Kema Lock. This sluice is rarely visited by tourist boats. Experience the mechanism for adjusting the water level and volume up close!

3. The Yodo River has a shallow water level on average, and types of boats and periods of operation are limited. So this is a valuable limited-time cruise. Please take this opportunity to board!

* The MAP displayed at the bottom is for the inbound trip to Hachikenyahama Pier.

*The meeting place for the outbound trip is at the "Kegiya Museum".

There are various kinds of flowers, from around February to the end of April
You can enjoy viewing flowers for a long time.

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From Wednesday, April 1 to 4th Saturday, 6th Monday, 8th Wednesday to 10th Friday

Autumn Yodogawa boat transportation advance booking starts on Friday, June 12th. For reserving the entire boat for a group, the reservation has to be made 6 months prior.

Name of the facility Out Bound: From Hachikenyahama to Hirakata
Address 1-1 Tenmabashi Kyōmachi, Chūō-ku, Osaka-City
Tell 06-6441-0532
Nearest station OsakaMetro 天満橋駅、京阪電鉄 天満橋駅
Business hours Departure time: 10:00
Admission fee Adult (from junior high up): 6,800 yen Child (elementary school): 4,600 yen *Price includes a seasonal bento lunch box.
Remarks *Events are subject to change. For details, please check the official website of each event.