Unique souvenir items available in “Don Quijote Kokusai Street Branch”

Shopping Naha

Let's hunt treasure in the Don Quijote!

One of the biggest discount store chain "Don Quijote" is familiar in the name of "Donki" everywhere in Japan. At the Okinawa branch, many unique Okinawa souvenir items are waiting for you.
Let us introduce you the funny items for Okinawa souvenirs in Donki!

Crunchy Sugared Soy Beans

Black sugared peanuts are always highly ranked for popular Okinawa souvenirs. However, this is not the peanuts but the soy beans! The combination of sugar and the roasted scent of soya is perfectly matching, and it is even healthier than the original peanuts! 238 each (tax not included)


This is "Koregusu" directed by Chinese noodle shop "Nu-ji bonbon Mendes". "Koregusu is the a type of Okinawan hot sauce made of chilis infused in awamori rice spirit. Local people use them by adding a few drops on Okinawa soba noodles to make them spicier. 380 yen (tax not included)

Koi Red Potato Potage Soup

This is a very sweet potage made with the "Churakoibeni" brand sweet red potatoes. Add hot water to prepare. Okinawa limited product. For your friends with a sweet tooth! 538 yen (tax not included)

Suppaiman Plum Liquor

A bottle of the plum liquor of suppaiman, the popular Okinawan plum snacks. 8% alcohols. On the rock or with soda is especially recommended. Only available in Don Quijote! How cute is this package design? 980 yen (tax not included)

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