Enjoy shopping near the airport at “Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle”

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1 station away from Kansai International Airport!

Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle is a large-scale shopping center adjacent to Rinki Town Station.
There are many stores which sell children's clothes and goods at the mall and is a great place for families to visit.

Enjoy the hot spring after shopping

At this shopping center, you can enjoy all day long by shopping, eating, playing, and even bathing at a hot spring.
The hot spring is open until 1 am, so you can enjoy it even after shopping all day.

The landmark of Rinku, “RInku-no-hoshi”

The ferris wheel at the mall called “Rinku-no-hoshi (The stars of Rinku)” has the height of 85 meters.
From the ferris wheel, you can enjoy the immersive view of the whole Kansai area, including the Senshu Plain and the Izumi Mountains.

Beautiful at night time

In the night time, the lights of the ferris wheel shine like the stars in the night sky.
The ferris wheel is available until 9 pm, so it may be nice to enjoy the romantic time watching the city lights.

Many entertaining events

There are seasonal events held to entertain you at all times.

Name of the facility Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle
Address 〒598-0047 3 Rinkuoraiminami, Izumisano-shi, Osaka-fu
Tell 072-461-4196
Nearest station Direct access from Rinku Town station (JR Kansai Airport Line, Nankai Airport Line)
Business hours 10:00-20:00※Some stores have different operational hours ■Restaurants (Including food court) 11:00-22:00 ■Rinku-no-hoshi (Ferris wheel) 10:00-21:00 ■Rinku-no-yu (Hot spring facility) Weekdays 9:00 am-1:00 am / Weekends and holidays 7:00 am-1:00 am
Regular holiday Open every day