Professionals tells Japanese traditional craft, gold tooling.

Activities Around Kyoto station

Base making with Japanese sumac

Base making decides the quality of the product. Professionals have pride for their high quality products, which comes from their sophisticated skills.

Plate products with gold leaf

Real gold leaf is used for lessons to teach "real" Japanese products. The beautiful and thin gold leaf is used from the thoughts of Japanese professionals who wish to make the most beautiful work as possible.

Complete by removing the extra gold leaf

Gomei kinpaku kogei is used on the statue of Buddha, Buddhist altar, Osaka castle, Gion festival hokoatama, accessories of luxury brands, and many other traditional work. Gomei kinpaku kogei is a traditional Japanese work, and still remains today from the strong thoughts of the professional workers who wish to pass their work and skills on to the future.

Calculate beautiful completion

"To make the beautiful gold leaf more beautiful, it is important to take time making the base." You can feel the pride and heart of the professionals by chatting with them about their work.

Gold tooling experience

Experiencing gold tooling on black and orange dishes and making your own dish or hand mirror will be a great memory in Kyoto. Gold tooling on your item such as smartphone and case is possible by making an appointment.

Name of the facility Gomei Kinpaku Kogei
Address 〒600-8306 Kyoto city Shimogyoku Shinmachi dori Shomen kudaru Hiranocho 784
Tell 075-371-1880
Nearest station 10minutes on foot from JR lines, Subway Karasuma line Kyoto Station 10minutes from Kintetsu Kyoto line Kyoto station
Business hours 9:00-16:00
Regular holiday Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, end and beginning of the year, Obon holidays, days for events, and other