Lets take a ride on the rikisha around Arashiyama・Saga

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Take an easy and comfortable trip on the rikisha

How about taking a trip around the Arashiyama area on a rikisha, which is a famous culture of the Arashiyama・Saga area. Taking a ride on a rikisha will sure be a memorable journey which you will not forget.

Why do many people keep on using the rikisha?

Rikisha is a two-wheel cart, and the person who pulls the cart is called shafu. "Communication is an important part of our job, but to offer a safe ride is our most important job" says Mr.Sekigawa who is a shafu. The way he speaks showed how much he cares about his customers and how much he wants his riders to have a good time on the rikisha.

An exciting ride from the rikisha

The rikisha provides are comfortable ride even in the cold winter or hot summer by providing blankets and shades. The heart of Japanese hospitality can be seen from every shafu who always does their best for a wonderful ride.

A view from a different perspective

Arashiyama・Sagano always greets travelers with its attracting atmosphere no matter what season you visit. Let's enjoy Arashiyama・Sagano as much as possible with the shafu's entertaining talk and wonderful view.

No need for maps! The best information is there

The area is full of popular spots such as Togetsukyo, Shrines and temples and beautiful bamboo forests. There is no fixed route to go around on the rikisha so if there is a place imparticular, that you want to go, always ask the shafu. Enjoy the beauty and culture of Arashiyama・Sagano and make a great memory.

Name of the facility Ebisuya Kyoto Arashiyama main store
Address 〒616-8385 3-24 Sagatenryuji Susukinobabacho, Ukyō-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Tell 075-864-4444
Nearest station 7 minutes walk from Hankyu Arashiyama Line 「Arashiyama Station」・4 minutes walk from Keifuku Densetsu Arashiyama Line 「Arashiyama Station」・12 minutes walk from JR Sanin mainline 「Saga-arashiyama Station」
Nearest bus stop 3 minutes walk from bus stop 「Arashiyama Tenryuji-mae」Kyoto city bus route 28
Business hours 9:30~sunset (Differs according to the season)
Regular holiday None
Remarks Places to ride the rikisha: Togetsukyo (Kitazume)・JR Saga Arashiyama Station・Randen Arashiyama Station