Beautiful, Cute and Tasty with Kyoto landscape. “ROCCA&FRIENDS PAPIER KYOTO”

Food/Drink / Shopping Karasuma・Omiya

Once You Peak the Edge of Small Side Street...

Once you take corner from busy main street to Koyaku-no-zushi street, unbelievably silent and moist atmosphere will cover you.
ROCCA&FRIENDS PAPIER KYOTO, a renovated tasteful machiya house building, will appear by going forward the stone-paved street.
Gentle and tasty sandwiches and smoothie in a location of ancient capital city is very exciting.

Beautiful Two Layered Tapioca Smoothie

Most popular "Strawberry Amaretto" is fusion of tapioca, amazake smoothie and panna cotta.
Gentle sweetness of panna cotta and fresh taste of strawberry spreads inside your mouth and melts.
Tapioca smoothie, the two layered drink with smoothie and soda, is also popular with it's refreshing taste and chewy tapioca's combination.

Cute Fruits Sandwiches

Fruits sandwiches are made with seasonal fruit and varieties of cream such as cheese and rose.
They also never forgets to introduce Kyoto by their products by secret methods such as adding thin rice cake, slight wasabi taste etc.
Fruit changes depending on seasons- strawberry, melon, mango and figs...Enjoy to pick your favorite fruits!

Suggesting New Kyoto Style by Carefully Planning Ingredients

White miso with Japanese peppers, Shiba-zuke pickles tartar sauce, green shiso Genovese ...They are all unique and innovative combinations for deli sandwiches.
Fluffy omelette sandwich with mayo flavor is nostalgic and new at the same time, and perfect for light meal.
Take away is available to eat them outside for picnic on sunny day, or take them to your hotel room.

Many Combinations to Enjoy

More than the colorful appearance, their taste is excellent.
None of them will go under your expectations comes from how they looks.
The spark joy towards their products will make your memories of travel more colorful and unforgettable.

Name of the facility ROCCA & FRIENDS PAPIER KYOTO
Address 〒600-8471 Kyoto city, Shimogyo ward, Shin-Kamanza-cho 735-2
Tell 075-744-6688
Nearest station 5 minutes walk from Subway Karasuma line \"Shijo station\"/5 minutes walk from Hankyu \"Karasuma station\"
Business hours 10:00〜18:00
Regular holiday Mondays (The following day when Monday is a National holiday)