Enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto for a good price! Ticket information for travelling wisely and conveniently


Useful information we want you to know

Travelling can become more expensive than expected especially in areas you are not familiar with.
Certainly everybody wants to save on transportation expenses as much as possible and instead use the money for sightseeing and souvenirs.
Within a limited amount of time at your destination and a schedule which tends to be packed, one way of reducing "wasted" time and money is ...
merely knowing, selecting and purchasing different kinds of special offer tickets.

You can take the bus all day long for 600 Yen with the Kyoto City Bus & Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass

The Kyoto City Bus is designed with a dark green line in a bright green line and is valued highly for transporting tourists and also citizens.
With the "Kyoto City Bus & Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass" which allows you to ride the Kyoto City Bus & Kyoto Bus for one day for 600 Yen (300 Yen for children) you can almost take all buses running within the city of Kyoto as much as you want to.
However especially in the area of Shijo Street, Okazaki and Arashiyama, as well as during the sightseeing season in autumn there are many traffic congestions so we recommend keeping in mind that buses may not arrive as scheduled and you may not be able enter buses when you consider buying the ticket.

The ticket pays off if you take the bus 3 times or more!

The dark red colored bus lines are loop buses which mainly cover a more extensive route through the region not covered by Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus.
Please do not only carefully look at the color of the buses but also at the destinations and numbers to avoid taking the wrong bus.
However, please check the information board displayed at the front of the bus, as the area the ticket covers is limited and an additional fee is required when going from Arashiyama to the West and towards Kurama or Ohara.
Furthermore you can buy the one day bus ticket at the information desks of Kyoto City Bus and the Subway (in front of JR Kyoto Station, Karasuma Oike Station, Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station, Kitaoji Bus Terminal), counters at all subway stations and the Kyoto Bus information desks (Arashiyama, Demachiyanagi) etc. in advance or on the day of your travel.

With the Kyoto City Subway One-Day Pass you can take the subway all day long

You can buy the ticket which allows you to take the 2 subway lines running through Kyoto city, the "Karasuma Line" and the "Tozai Line", all day long at the counters and vending machines of all subway stations and at the information desks of Kyoto City Bus and Subway for 600 Yen (300 Yen for children).
With the subway you don't have to worry about traffic congestions and you can avoid congestion by walking towards your destination from the closest subway station.
One point to notice is that you have to pay additional fees if you continue taking the Kintetsu Line or Keihan Line.
Please check before taking the train, since the Karasuma Line is taken over midway by the Kintetsu Line from Takeda and the Tozai Line becomes the Keihan Line on the way at Rokujizo.

What is the "Subway, Bus One-Day (Two-Day) Pass"?

The "Subway, Bus One-Day (Two-Day) Pass" which allows you to take the Kyoto Bus, Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Subway all day long, covers a wider area than the "Kyoto City Bus & Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass" and in addition to enjoying sightseeing with almost no additional cost you will have the benefit of receiving preferential treatment like discounts at around 60 places and facilities in the city.
The one day pass is 900 Yen (450 Yen for children) and the two day pass is 1,700 Yen (850 Yen for children) and we absolutely recommend it if you plan to do sightseeing for two days.
May it become a pleasant travel without any waste of time or money.