For enjoying Kyoto even more in March. Reference you might want to read before going out


Let's enjoy Kyoto's early blooming cherry blossoms

It's the splendid time of the year where the plum and the peach begin to bloom one after another after passing a severe coldness and which brings colors and fragrance to us.
There are many famous places in Kyoto being called popular spots for the cherry blossom but how about going out for the early blooming cherry blossom which you can enjoy a little earlier?
The deep-pink Okame cherry blossom at Sagyo Ward's Chotoku-ji Temple which is in full bloom from the middle to the end of March 3 and the early blooming Kawazu-zakura and Prunus Pendula cherry blossoms at Daigo-ji Temple in Fushimi Ward are very popular and in full bloom annually between the middle and end of March.

Entrusting one's thoughts with the Hina doll

In Japan, March 3 is called the dolls festival and the "Hina Festival" is held in the whole country praying for the healthy growth of girls.
In Kyoto as well, paper dolls floated downriver at Shimogamo Shrine and the "Hina Festival" of Ichihime Shrine are known to be splendid traditions of March.
At the Hokyo-ji Temple of Kamigyo Ward which is also known for being the temple of dolls the "Doll exhibition of Spring" is held annually in mid-March. As you can see historical and life-sized dolls it will certainly become a very interesting experience.

Take care even during the warm weather at noon

As in Kyoto there are still many cold days in March especially in the morning and evening, please keep in mind to properly protect against the cold with warm clothes.
When you go out to visit the insides of shrines and temples exceptionally made available to the public, the large wooden building are still surprisingly cold and you often have to take off your shoes, so you need to protect your feet as well by wearing thick socks and others.
Moreover there are also many illumination events and wearing a jacket will certainly prevent you from shivering from the cold in the evening.

Items essential to protect against the cold

On clear days it often becomes warm during noon. Towards the end of the month the temperature stabilizes and the sightseeing season, showing signs of spring, arrives day by day.
However the annual average temperature of this time in Kyoto is 6〜10°C with the lowest temperature falling below the freezing point and especially morning and evening are cold.
It is best to wear a jacket even for going out at noon and bring an additional scarf in the morning and evening.

Becoming a fan of excellent goods for protection against the cold

To enjoy the travel in this season of large temperature gaps pleasantly many people use hand warmers which you can buy for an affordable price.
With the heat packs which you can use and stick to a body part you want to warm like your back or hips you can casually receive warmth.
They are very durable so they are also effective for going out for a long time and are ideal for protecting against coldness during your travel.