5 Traditional Kyoto Dishes that Should Not Be Missed


Kyo Kaiseki - Kyoto Traditional Cuisine

Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese meal in which a series of very small, intricate dishes are served.
Kyoto Kaiseki cuisine features ingredients from Kyoto served as exquisite delicate dishes. The dishes are masterfully produced using intricate methods of preparation and serving and subtle seasonings which are used in order to bring out and utilize the natural flavors of the ingredients.
As Kaiseki cuisine was originally served to guests as part of the Tea Ceremony, dishes are created to not only taste wonderful, but to look incredible too.

Obanzai - Kyoto Home Cooking

Obanzai is the traditional Kyoto home cooking culture.
Obanzai cooking features and uses local, seasonal vegetables and other ingredients prepared as simple dishes which use up leftover ingredients so that nothing goes to waste.
Dishes are nutritionally well-balanced and healthy, and flavored without heavy seasoning so the natural flavors of the ingredients can be savored.
When traveling, it is easy to get into nutritionally unbalanced meal habits, so how about trying some healthy Obanzai for a nutrient boost during your trip?

Yudofu - Hot Tofu Pot

In Tofu making, water plays a key role for producing flavor and taste. Kyoto has been known for its delicious water since olden times, so Tofu made in Kyoto is naturally very tasty.
Yudofu, or hot tofu pot, is made using only tofu, water, and kombu kelp.
Despite being a very simple dish, the fact that Yudofu has become a famous and popular cuisine must be due to the exquisite tofu made in Kyoto.

Yuba - Tofu Skin

Yuba (dried sheets of skin formed during the boiling of soy milk) was originally made in China before it was introduced into Japan, where it was used as an ingredient in Shojin cuisine, traditional vegetarian cuisine eaten by Buddhist monks.
Over the years, as various types of cuisine developed and changed, Yuba, being plain in flavor and highly versatile, was likely a very handy ingredient.
At present, Yuba is garnering attention as good source of healthy protein.

Kyo Tsukemono - Kyoto Pickles

Kyo Tsukemono are pickles (tsukemono) made using vegetables from Kyoto.
Even if pickles are not your favorite, Kyo Tsukemono are relatively lightly flavored and easy to eat compared to some other pickles, so please do give them a try.
Once you find a Kyo Tsukemono that suits your tastes, you won't be able to eat rice without them again.