Honest reviews for 5 good souvenirs at Shin-Osaka Station

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When sightseeing take home souvenirs

Souvenirs are common in tourism, right?
There are many souvenir items to choose from Osaka to remind your sightseeing experience, which ranges from delicious food culture to comedy culture that Osaka is all about!

Here are some picks at JR Shin-Osaka Station from Souvenir Road Arde stores which you can find in other major stations around Osaka.

Tasty Souvenirs

If you fell in love with food in Osaka, this interesting pies called "Octopus Sweet Pies" will be perfect for you. It is authentic Takoyaki sweets created by pastry chefs! Packaged in gold, this 12 piece pack is a super bargain at just for 540 yen. It's perfect to share with your family or at work.
Enjoy the interesting flavor of savory Takoyaki and sweet caramel.

Here is another sweet for you to try out called "Take-out Tsutenkaku", a collaborated product of Japanese egg pudding and chocolate brand Morozov and the symbol of Osaka, the tower of Tsutenkaku!!

Eight cute chocolate candies in the shape of Tsutenkaku come just for 540 yen! Morozov is well known for its chocolate in Japan, so how delicious this might be is already approved. In addition to the good taste, cute visuals as well.

The last entry for the food souvenir is traditional Japanese sweets!
"Original Osaka Mitarashi Dango", rice dumplings a sweet soy sauce inside instead of as glazing on to them. This package comes with 12 pieces for 660 yen!!

These Dangos are made by Mukashin, a Japanese traditional sweet shop in Osaka. Enjoy the Dango dumpling with plenty of sauce inside.

Visual-oriented Souvenirs

For those who are into Kawaii or delicate feminine things, this "Osaka Hana Langue" is for you!
Cute flower-shaped delicate French Langue de chat biscuits are 660 yen for 4 pieces! It's really cute that makes you feel like saving it instead of eating it right away.

Japan's kids' favorite crayons are here to entertain both your eyes and your childhood memories. Nostalgic stationery that everyone can relate has been turned into sweets. If you were raised in Japan or Japanese culture, you will immediately recognize the package!
Yes, the Sakura Cray-pas are turned into the chocolate sandwich cookies, and they come into the tin box with the original design.
It's become one of the hottest items on SNS.

What is this !?

You didn't experience Osaka enough if you skipped Takoyaki!
Here is beloved Osaka soul food in a can for you to savor back home.

The flavor of the sauce spreads out the moment you open it!
It costs 550 yen including 4 real pieces.

Soft Takoyaki soaked in a sauce of memory in Osaka!!
It will definitely make a great impact on those who receive it.

Your mind will have hard time deciding for sure.

What we picked up here are only a few out of the many unique souvenirs available in Osaka. Enjoy hunting the perfect one for the recipient.

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