【2018年 Osaka Maples Spot】Popular Recommended 5 spots

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Recommendation ① Expo Commemorative Park (Recommended timing: Beginning ~end of November)

Exhibits:Expo Commemorative Park

In the Japanese garden of Expo commemorative park, there are 20 different species of maples.
Not only in the Japanese garden, but also fusion of red maple and water fall can be seen in Nature Cultural Garden
Tea house inside the Japanese garden ”Han-an・Ban-rian” is open to public only in red maple season and plum season in spring every year.

5 minutes walk from Osaka Monorail「Banpaku Kinen Koen station」

Recommendation ② Minoo Park(Recommended timing: Early November ~Early December)

One of the best red maple place in Osaka,「Minoo Great Waterfall」.
There are millions of remarkable spots in 2.7km of walk between Hankyu Mino Station and Mino Great Waterfall
An hidden spot「Hitome senbon」where maples gather in one place and dyed beautifully in red is also located just before the water fall.
Magnificent ladscape is there with Minoo Great Waterfall framed in red maples.

5 minutes walk from Minoo Station to the park entrance.
40 minutes walk to the Minoo Great Waterfall.

Recommendation ③ Katsuo-ji(Recommended timing: The Beginning~end of November)

Katsuo-ji is popular for luck of triumph.
Everyday it is visited by worshipers.
Over 260 thousands square meters of site in Katsuo-ji will be colored by maples in fall.
Maple tunnel towards the main temple is the popular spot.
Light up events are also held in the evening to change the garden into the dream-like atmosphere.

33 minutes by bus from Senri Chuo Station
10 minutes by taxi from Osaka Monorail ”Saito Nishi"

Recommendation ④Ushitaki-yama(Recommended timing:Mid~End of November)

”Ushitaki-yama” is famous to have an important cultural property ”Taho-to”.
There are red maples and ginkgoes, small to big waterfalls around Taho-to and popular as a spot to enjoy red maple.
”Ushitaki-yama Momiji Festival” is held every November, where you can enjoy local sake, veggie tempura, Danjiri item shops and lotteries.

5o minutes from Nankai Railway Wada Station by Nankai Bus, immediately at ”Ushitaki-yama" Bus stop

Recommendation ⑤Settsu-kyo Park(Recommended timing:End of October ~End of November)

The whole area of ”Settsu-kyo Park” is wooden forest.
Beautiful valley landscapes are widely spread on east side of the park lead by river Akuta. Recommended for hikes and landscapes.
In autumn valleys such as ”Momiji-Tani” and ”Kunugi-tani” will be dyed in beautiful red.

10 minutes walk from bus stop Tsukawaki from JR Takatsuki Station.
Or 15 minutes by taxi from JR Takatsuki Station.

Remarks ※Peak of maples might get changed depending on climates and temperatures.