For fluffy pancakes which melt in your mouth【Cream Kitchen Tensan Store】

Food/Drink Northern Osaka(Osaka Station・Umeda) area

Cream Kitchen Tensan Store

"Tenjinbashi-Suji Shopping Street", the longest shopping street of Japan is located nearby Osaka Tenmangu (Tenjin-san).
It is 2.6km long and extends from north to south.
"Cream Kitchen Tensan Store" which is located in this shopping street is a store where you can enjoy various pastries including our pancake specialty.

Many kinds of specialty sweets!!

The pancakes are made of carefully selected Japanese butter and the best almond powder and are carefully baked one after another after being ordered.
This pancake which is said to be delicious even when plain is superb.
Moreover you can enjoy a rich variety including the "choco-banana pancake" with many fruits on top, the new "soufflé pancakes", classic sweets sets and Tenma pudding.

The soufflé​ pancakes are fluffy!!

The "Soufflé pancakes" are made of a base of meringue, look fluffy and feel fluffy in your mouth!! Please enjoy this fluffy feeling to the full extend. This pancake which melts the second you put it in your mouth also has a sufficient size. But, as it melts quickly, women also eat them smoothly. Please try this taste once.

Drinks together with the sweets!!

There are several sorts of drinks available.
We do not only offer all sorts of coffee, juice and latte but also sundaes and floats which children are also likely to enjoy. In addition we offer Matcha latte which lets you feel Japan even more!! How about enjoying drinks in combination with your preferred sweets.

Have a little break from sightseeing and eat in the store!

When visiting several places including Osaka Tenmangu (Tenjin-san) there are times you want to take a little break right!?
How about taking a break at "Cream Kitchen Tensan Store" on this occasion.
The store interior which welcomes you with many cakes lined up in the showcases has a relaxed atmosphere and you can spend a comfortable time here.
This seems like a good place to stop by for taking a little break from sightseeing and searching the next sightseeing attraction.

Name of the facility Cream Kitchen Tensan Store
Address 3-7-31 Tenjinbashi, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Tell 06-6881-6789
Nearest station Osska Metro谷町線 南森町駅/堺筋線 扇町駅 ▶徒歩5分 /JR環状線 天満駅/東西線 大阪天満宮駅 ▶徒歩3分
Business hours AM10:00~PM10:00
Regular holiday Open throughout the year