Travel around Osaka with a golden Jeep at “First Vision Osaka”

Experience Southern Osaka (Namba・Dotonbori・Shinsaibashi) area

Golden mini Jeep (Next Cruiser)

"First Vision Osaka" provides a tour which allows visitors to travel around Osaka with a golden mini Jeep.
The new way to experience the town is popular among the tourists.

Safer than common mini-cars

Mini Jeep is taller than other mini-cars and is safe since it is easy to be seen by other drivers. During the tour, the staff will be guiding the tourists, so it is easy to navigate the car.

Feeling like a star!

Once you are off to the roads, the golden Jeep draws attention from everyone. The experience of being waved at and being taken pictures is definitely an exciting experience.
The tour guide is very entertaining and will be willing to take pictures at each stop.

Experiencing a different aspect of Osaka

Driving the go-cart-like mini Jeep allows you to feel the sound of the engine and the blowing wind. The feeling of driving the cool car will make you feel excited about the tour.

Drive the vehicle with a normal driver's license or an international driver's license

Since the mini-car will be driving regular roads, Japanese driver will be required to turn in driver's license, while foreign tourist will be asked to turn in international license and passport.
There is also a 3-people-vehicle available for those who do not have a license.

Name of the facility First Vision Osaka
Address 2-5-5 Shikitsunishi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi
Tell 06-4395-5588
Nearest station Daikokucho Station (Subway Line)
Business hours 10 am-10 pm(Reservation until 8 pm)※The last tour will start from 8 pm.
Regular holiday Every Wednesday